Monday, April 9, 2012

Homeward Bound

On the way home, we stopped to see the beautiful view at Berthoud Pass and with that - we say farewell to Colorado.  Thanks for the great memories.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Arrival Times

Parents - the trip is almost over and we're looking forward to seeing you - although it's going to be tough to leave the mountains. 

Please remember that we are flying into Hobby Airport and our arrival information is below.

SWA 1697 arrives at 6:35.  Please meet us in baggage claim at 6:45p.

SWA 890 arrives at 8:15.  Please meet us in baggage claim at 8:25p.

Second Day of Skiing

Hey, who turned off the colors?

An incredible group of young people!

Their hard work has paid off.

Enjoy our Concert

We appreciate one of our chaperones - Mr. Stephen Jeu, videographer/gadgeteur extrordinaire - who has been chronicling our trip on video.  You can watch our concert by clicking on the titles of the pieces below.

Richard Meyer: A KELTIC FEAST
Keiko Yamada: SUNAYAMA
     I. Dream of Light
     II. Dream of Darkness
Or you can view the ENTIRE PERFORMANCE

And here is another link to the Winter Park Music Festival AWARDS CEREMONY.


The Triple Crown

Yesterday - I told you the kids played a wonderful concert.  Tonight - we went to the awards ceremony and we learned that we won

     - A superior performance trophy
     - Best in Class - String Orchestras
     - Grand Champion - String Orchestras

Here is video footage of the three announcements

To announce the Grand Champion Trophy - they played a short clip from our concert.
Congratulations to all our great musicians!  We're proud of you!

Friday, April 6, 2012

First Day of Skiing

Some scenes from Winter Park - made even more beautiful by the presence of our kids!

More from Day 1

"Mr. Shiu, I practiced my Joker imitation during the flight!"

Evan: "I just snuk a bite off her plate and she doesn't know it."
Christy: "I just snuk a bite off his plate and he doesn't know it"

"Sitting at the kiddie table makes us feel big!"

Irene: "Sunny, you ate the wrong kind of Asian food!"

Leaving Denver, heading into paradise!

Our performance site.  Someone asked:
"Do only Seniors go to this school?"

"I'm so glad that you girls learned something when you watched the Penguin special on Nat Geo."

Look administrators - we really did come up here to perform!
And it was a GREAT performance!

"See mom, we are getting our protein."

"Thirty minutes in the grocery store and I managed to get by without buying a thing!"

"Thirty minutes in the grocery store and you guys are comparing shampoos?"

"I knew that if I waited long enough, Mr. Shiu would take a picture of me!"

"Two hours!"

"And we saved $13.06 by using our Safeway card."

Mixed reactions to the final total.

"Mista Shoo, why are you saying dis is da wrong foot?  I promise they fit right."

Thursday, April 5, 2012

We Made It

Just a quick note to let you know that both planes have made it to Denver safely. Keep checking back for updates.

We Are On The Way!

Thanks to all the parents for getting the students up to school so early. We were able to depart before scheduled time! Most of us are awake . . .

Monday, March 26, 2012

As we get closer to departure . . .

Please be thinking about the following:
     - Be sure to pack sunscreen - it is easy to burn in the snow
     - Pack sunglasses - your eyes will thank you, even if it's not sunny
     - Take a look at Miss Prontka's thoughts below about packing your instruments

Packing Violins and Violas
Make sure that instruments fit snug into the case.  If there is open space, place a t-shirt in the open spaces.
Loosen your bow.
Don’t forget to pack rosin, shoulder rest, and music
If you have extra strings, you need to pack these as well.

Packing Cellos
Wrap a towel around the neck of the cello.  Wedge t-shirts in any open spaces in the case.  Gently place a t- shirt under the fingerboard.  
Loosen your bow.
Don’t forget to pack rosin, roc stop, and music
If you have extra strings, you need to pack these as well.

After we arrive and you open your case, if you are not 100% certain you can tune your instrument PLEASE WAIT for Mr. Shiu or Miss Prontka.  

We are up!

Next week, we will be leaving for Winter Park, Co to perform and compete at the Winter Park Music Festival and enjoy some skiing. This will be our official travel blog so please check back often for updates and photos and please leave comments!