Friday, April 6, 2012

More from Day 1

"Mr. Shiu, I practiced my Joker imitation during the flight!"

Evan: "I just snuk a bite off her plate and she doesn't know it."
Christy: "I just snuk a bite off his plate and he doesn't know it"

"Sitting at the kiddie table makes us feel big!"

Irene: "Sunny, you ate the wrong kind of Asian food!"

Leaving Denver, heading into paradise!

Our performance site.  Someone asked:
"Do only Seniors go to this school?"

"I'm so glad that you girls learned something when you watched the Penguin special on Nat Geo."

Look administrators - we really did come up here to perform!
And it was a GREAT performance!

"See mom, we are getting our protein."

"Thirty minutes in the grocery store and I managed to get by without buying a thing!"

"Thirty minutes in the grocery store and you guys are comparing shampoos?"

"I knew that if I waited long enough, Mr. Shiu would take a picture of me!"

"Two hours!"

"And we saved $13.06 by using our Safeway card."

Mixed reactions to the final total.

"Mista Shoo, why are you saying dis is da wrong foot?  I promise they fit right."

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  1. What a long day but you all look great! Enjoy the skiing.